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Payment Gateway Based Fees

  • Extension Type: Cart and Checkout Features, WooCommerce Extensions, Enhancements
  • Last Updated: 2018-06-03
  • Developer: InoPlugs
  • Version history: View changelog

Payment Gateway Based Fees

Add fees to orders based on payment method

The Payment Gateway Based Fees extension enables you to add a fee to an order, depending on the chosen payment gateway.



Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerceplugin extends WooCommerce by adding options to set fees or discounts based on customer selected payment gateway.

Payment gateway based fees and discounts can be added to all payment gatewaysincluding:

  • standard WooCommerce payment gateways (Direct Bank Transfer (BACS), Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery and PayPal),
  • custom payment gateways added with any other plugin.

Fees and discounts can be set:

  • globally for all products, or
  • on per product basis.

Plugin requires minimum setup: after enabling the fee/discount for selected gateway (in WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts), you can set:

  • fee/discount value,
  • fee/discount type: fixed or percent,
  • additional fee/discount,
  • minimum and maximum fee/discount values,
  • minimum and/or maximum cart amount for adding the fee/discount,
  • rounding options,
  • taxation options,
  • shipping options,
  • product categories,
  • customer countries and more.



Add an option to your WooCommerce checkout payment gateways to add extra fee. Works with woocommerce 3.5+ & above as well.

With more than 25,000+ we have crossed one more milestone and with this achievement, we further strengthen our resolve & vision to empower more businesses to put a step forward towards success and our plugin be a partner as well as testimony for the upcoming brands of the future across different industries throughout the world.

This extension allows you to add an extra fees option to woocommerce payment gateways (“BACS, CHEQUE, COD”).

Key Features

  • Choose “Type” to Fixed Fee or Cart Percentage (%) or combine both together (Fixed Fee + Cart Percentage(%)).
  • Provide setting option to include or exclude product tax or shipping tax in extra charges or fees.
  • Change “Label” to any text
  • Make Taxable or not.
  • Set threshold amount for extra charges to be applicable.
  • Set limit for maximum amount of extra charges to be charged.

If you wish to make this plugin work on Paypal or other gateways and get more insight about how the plugin works, you may use our pro version.To use and get more details, please visit click here:.

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WooCommerce > Settings > Payment > your payment gateway lets you set up an extra fee, which will be added to total whenever user select that particular payment gateway.

We have added new feature that helps our users add custom titles to extra fee instead of static gateway titles. Hope, our users enjoy this new feature and find it useful.

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