Woocommerce Payment Gateway Per Variation Of Same Product


Woocommerce Payment Gateway per Product

This plugin for woocommerce lets you select the available payment gateways for each individual product. You can select for eacht individual product the payment gateway that will be used by checkout. If no selection is made, then the default payment gateways are displayed. If you for example only select paypal then only paypal will available for that product by checking out. This plugin allows you to improve your customer service by giving the best payment service for your customers.

Please read the documentation.

Here are the most notable features of WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product plugin. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. Below are the best offerings of WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product.

Setting Payment gateway

  • You can choose 2 different categories to set different gateways per product
  • Set payment gateway per product (must be in selected category set in settings)

We also have a free plugin where you can set the payment gateway for a complete category instead of single products.
WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Category

Default payment option

  • Set default payment gateway

Translation Support:

  • i18n ready with included plugin.pot file
  • WPML support via wpml-config.xml

Included Translations

  • English (default)
  • Dutch
  • No other translations yet.
  • All features should work for each blog in multisite installations

Exclusive Features in the Premium Version

  • Unlimited categories
  • Quick edit possible
  • Many more feature coming soon

Please let us know your feedback, if you think something can be more awesome this plugin, we will added it.
Please use our contactform at dreamfoxmedia.com

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Premium Version

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For automatic installation:

The simplest way to install is to click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add’ and type ‘Woocommerce Payment Gateway per Product’ in the search field.

For manual installation 1:

  1. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  4. Select the plugin zip file (woocommerce-product-payments.x.x.x.zip) from your computer then click the Install Now button.
  5. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  6. Click the Activate Plugin link.

For manual installation 2:

  1. You should have access to the server where WordPress is installed. If you don’t, see your system administrator.
  2. Copy the plugin zip file (woocommerce-product-payments.x.x.x.zip) up to your server and unzip it somewhere on the file system.
  3. Copy the «woocommerce-product-payments» folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  4. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  5. Look for «woocommerce-product-payments» and click Activate.
  6. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  7. Активируйте плагин через меню «Плагины» в WordPress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

A. Allowed payment gateways goes before denied payment gateways. so if for example you set:
— product 1 to paypal
— product 2 to paypal & credit card
common payment gateway will shown by checkout

Q. Where can I get support?

A. You can get support by posting an support request on Dreamfoxmedia.com

Q. Can I use my existing WordPress theme?

A. Sure, you can use your existing WordPress theme with WooCommerce Payment Gateway Per Product.

Q. Where can I report a bug?

A. Found a bug? Please let us know by posting an support request on Dreamfoxmedia.com

Q. Is WooCommerce Payment Gateway Per Product free?

A. There are two versions of WooCommerce Payment Gateway Per Product. One is free and another is paid. The paid version has some more advanced features which are not accessible in the free version.

Q. More Information

A. For more information, feel free to visit the official website for this plugin: Dreamfox.

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Shopping Cart

Payment Gateways per Products for WooCommerce

Payment Gateways per Products for WooCommerce

Show WooCommerce gateway only if there is selected product, product category or product tag in cart.


Payment Gateways per Products for WooCommerceplugin lets you show WooCommerce payment gateway onlyif there are selected products in cart. Alternatively you can hide gatewayby selected products.

Products can be selected by:

  • Product category
  • Product tag
  • Individualproducts

Plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce payment gateways(standard and/or custom).

General Options

Plugin options are located in “WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways per Products”.

Enable plugin Enables/disables the plugin. Default: yes

Per Product Categories Options

Enable section Enables/disables “Per Product Categories” section. Default: yes

Payment Gateway Options (e.g.: Direct bank transfer, Check payments, Cash on delivery, PayPal etc.)

Per Product Tags Options

Enable section Enables/disables “Per Product Tags” section. Default: yes

Payment Gateway Options (e.g.: Direct bank transfer, Check payments, Cash on delivery, PayPal etc.)

Per Products Options

Enable section Enables/disables “Per Products” section. Default: yes Add variations Will use variations instead of main product for variable products. Default: no

WooCommerce Linked Variations

4.8 /5 based on 5 ratings

  • collectionsView Screenshots
  • open_in_newLive Demo

WooCommerce Linked Variations helps you expand your store’s reach in search engines. It will create a larger product archiveby linking products of any type together by their attributes. This is the same approach used by eCommerce giants like Amazon and Missguided.

Much like a normal variable product, your customers can still access different variants from the single product page. Only now you can give each product variant its own unique URL, title, and description.

You’ll be able to offer more accurate product filtering on your WooCommerce store and increase the size of your product archive.

Because each variant has a unique URL, title, and description, Google can index them, giving you better long-tail search coverage. You can also push individual product variants to Google Shopping and Facebook.

Plus, if shoppers want to share your products via email or social media, they’ll be able to use a direct link to their preferred variation.

With WooCommerce Linked Variations, you can:

  • Give each product variation its own unique product page URL, title, and description.
  • Create internal links between similar products using attributes like color, size, or anything else. This helps shoppers access other variants from the product page.
  • Display your product links as text links, dropdowns, or product images.
  • Create product links based on multiple product attributes or options.

Click below to start creating WooCommerce linked products today with WooCommerce Linked Variations!

Purchase a Licence

  • Annually
  • Lifetime

An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.

A lifetime licence entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.

shopping_cartBuy Now Free Trial

Buying multiple products? Save up to 50% a yearwith an Iconic Bundle.

Plugin Details

  • Version1.0.4
  • Last Updated2 Mar 2019
  • Released8 Jan 2018
  • View Changelog

Tested Up To

  • WordPress5.1
  • WooCommerce3.5.5


  • WordPress4.8+
  • WooCommerce2.6.14+
  • PHP5.3+

Quality Code

Outstanding code quality, performance, and user experience in all Iconic plugins.

Regular Updates

You can rest assured that all Iconic plugins are supported with regular updates.

Translation Ready

We aim to make all of our plugins compatible with WPML and other translation tools.

Fast Support

Our fast and knowledgeable support is regularly praised by happy customers.

Did exactly what I was looking for. Great support as well.

Perfect if you want to create individual products and link them to each other as if they where variations (same product, but different colour for example)!

WooCommerce Linked Variations solved one of my biggest issues to link products on product level. I tried several other plugins but I think this one is unique. Very easy to use. I highly recommend IconicWP!

Features and Screenshots

Showcase more products

By separating your variations into single products you can increase the size of your product collection for your customers, offering more choice.

Accurate search results

Usually, if your customer filters by "Purple" a variable product with a different coloured image will be displayed. With WooCommerce Linked Variations the exact product matches can be displayed, including the relevant product image; avoid any confusion for your customer.

Product clarity

Users can see at a glance which variations of a product are available, without having to navigate a series of select fields. Unavailable options are faded out.

Product image swatches

Customers can immediately see what the product variations look like before making their final choice.

Intuitive product options

Clicking a product option takes you straight to the relevant product; all of your linked variations reside on their own URL and can be indexed by Google.

What Do the Experts Say?

After working with hundreds of WooCommerce extensions that are slow and bloated, it’s been a pleasure working with Iconic. The code is clean. The features are focused. And best of all, they help grow your store’s revenue!

Before buying a premium WooCommerce plugin, you usually weigh its code quality, performance, support responsiveness, and compatibility. Thankfully, with Iconic’s quality products, there’s no need to worry at all.

How is this different from your other plugin, WooCommerce Show Single Variations?

The two plugins give a similar final result, but each would be used for a different scenario.

If you have variations of a product with the same (or very similar) titles and descriptions, then WooCommerce Show Single Variations is for you. Google would only index the parent product, and you won’t be flagged for duplicate content.

If you have variations with different titles and descriptions, you may find WooCommerce Linked Variations better. Each variation (single product page, in this case) would then be indexed separately and will give you more results in Google.

Can I still use the plugin when my licence expires?

Can I use my licence in a development environment?

Do you offer refunds?

Is this a lifetime licence, or will it stop working after 1 year?

Why do I need a subscription?

Will it work with my theme?

Will my subscription renew automatically?

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