Woocommerce Update Variation In Cart With Core Functionality

How can we improve WooCommerce?

Currently you can only update the quantity of a product in your cart, or delete it. It would be great to allow a customer to edit a product in their cart.

For example, if it’s a clothing store with size variations, allow the customer to change the size variation of their selected product from within the cart page? Ideally this would be via a drop-downmenu next to the product.

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I found a plugin, which allow to edit product variation in cart

and it working fine for me

Is that the right github link?

This would be really cool, and maybe the option for attribute push buttons, like on the product page for "Large" "Medium" and "Small" Sizes. Like the add-on in WooCommerce Extra Product Options.

This feature should be in core not a plugin

Yeah, it seems that every plugin you purchase or get for free requires another plugin to add to the functionality which requires another plugin to add to the functionality which requires another plugin to add to the functionality which. oh wait, we’ve been here already.

Something as blatantly obvious as to not being able to edit the variations ALREADY IN THE CART is a complete oversight. Upvoted this as well.

Upvoted as well. There is this plugin. Can’t vouch for it though.

This would be ideal – Up Voted!!

I’m also looking to add this functionality to my party invite shop to enable customers to edit the invite text directly from the cart via a text box rather than a drop down.
It would also be great to have the ability to edit text details after checkout from the order details page.
If anyone has the ability to program this feature I’d be willing to pay : )

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Support » Theme: OceanWP » What does OceanWP change in the add to cart process?

What does OceanWP change in the add to cart process?

i have a problem with oceanwp and a plugin called PayPal Plus for Woocommerce. The error occurs when the plugin calls a function to get the cart content. Through testing I know that it has something to do with things that happen when a product is added to cart. What does Oceanwp change in this process compared to the standard process?
Thanks for your help ahead.

Hello, is Ajax is activated on your single product? If yes, go to the WooCommerce > Single Product section of the customizer and disable the Ajax add to cart.

Thank you so much. Yes it was and without it everything works well. Now theres one problem left, my client wants ajax buttons. Is there a way to make oceanwp compatible with the plugin?

Hello, you’re welcome 🙂
Unfortunately, no, I don’t know enough this plugin to make the ajax work correctly, the ajax work only with the default WooCommerce features, not extra plugins.

I know more about the problem now. A Script calls the function wc_get_product and the function returns false instead of the product data. This causes the Errot In the woocommerce Core I looked up that function and it returns false if it gets called before the woocommerce_init action is done. What does the ajax option change in the process of the woocommerce_init action? Also it only happens with when variable products are in the cart. Does Ajax not work with variable products?

Hello @jakoblieser, yes, by default, the single product Ajax add to cart work with variable products, but for external plugins, there are too many, I could not make them all compatible with the Ajax add to cart.


Support » Plugin: WooCommerce » Draft product checkout issue

Draft product checkout issue

When we added product to cart it saves our cart list when we are logged-in, and shows same cart product when we next time visit the site or cart,

Now due to some reasons i have to remove some product from site so i move them to Draft status.
now new users cannot see it and order it.
but then person who have already added it to cart, the product is showing to them in cart list but they cannot click on it as its draft,
they can also checkout including that draft product.
That product should me removed from cart with showing some notice to user.

Please provide solution for this issue.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Go to ‘shop page add any product to cart ‘
2. Edit that product and set status to draft.
3. Now Go to Cart page and try to Checkout, order will be placed with draft products.

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